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Tuscan Extra Virgin IGP Oil


Our olive trees (about 1500 plants) are located at an average altitude of 450 meters. s.l.m. For fertilization, only manure from our stables is used. The cultivars grown are Frantoio 50%, Leccino 25% and Moraiolo 25%.


The harvest period generally corresponds to the month of November. The harvest is done by hand and the olives are placed in crates; after a maximum of 48 hours they are transferred to the mill for pressing. The latter takes place cold with a hammer / disc crusher with centrifugal / pressure extraction. The product obtained is immediately bottled after filtering. About 1500 bottles of lt are produced. 0,500, 200 cans of lt. 0.250 and finally 50 cans of lt. 5.

Organoleptic Notes

Our Tuscan IGP extra virgin olive oil has an intense bright green color with golden reflections that are accentuated over time. The scent is intense of fresh olives, with vegetal notes of artichoke and apple, with a very intense flavor of ripe olives, with vegetal notes, savory, spicy, with slight sweet notes and a hint of bitterness in the finish. Fantasctico to accompany the dishes of Tuscan cuisine.